Shipping Silver

If you are shipping silver, please take the following steps to ensure the safety of your items:

  • Always be sure to inform us that you will be shipping silver.
  • If your company requires appraisals, your Personal Consultant will advise you.
  • Prior to packing day, make up an itemized list of all your silver.
  • Be very specific.Supply the manufacturer's name and coding, the pattern name, service size (i.e. service for eight, 10, 12), sizes, shapes, etc. on your list.
  • If the list is extensive, photocopy it. One copy is for the driver of the moving van, and the other is for your records.
  • On packing day, watch the packers when they are packing your silver. When a packer places the box number and general room description information on the box containing your silver (i.e. Box #12/master bedroom), mark the same box number and general room description on both copies of your own personal silver inventory. The packer will not indicate on the box that the contents include silver.

Prior to the loading of your goods onto the moving van, the driver will do his inventory of your shipment. Give the driver a copy of your list of what silver has been packed and in which cartons it is located. Please note, or ask the driver to note, that he has received an itemized list of the silvercontained within the boxes. The driver will note this information on his inventory next to the appropriate box number. The driver then will open the boxes and check that all of the silver that you have listed is in the correct boxes. He will repack and reseal the boxes. If the driver is one of the packers, notify him of your intention to itemize the silver. This will save time.