Secure File

Your international or relocation "secure file" should contain:

  • Copies of birth certificates.
  • Adoption papers.
  • Marriage license.
  • Guardianship papers.
  • Divorce papers.
  • Power of attorney.
  • Passport information (where it was issued, date and number).
  • Extra passport pictures.
  • Medical history and X-rays.
  • Letter from doctor stating you need any narcotic drugs prescribed for you.
  • Dental X-rays and school records, including samples of the curricula.
  • copy of last tax return.
  • Traveler's check information.
  • Wills.
  • Social Insurance cards (if not in purses or wallets) and/or Social Insurance numbers.
  • Life and medical insurance policies

Information regarding:

  • Bank account,
  • Charge/credit cards,
  • Relatives, in case of emergency,
  • Insurance policies for car, fire, then, etc.
  • Children's school(s) at old location,
  • Doctor, dentist, lawyer and accountant at old location,
  • Your company's old address, and overseas address and contact person