Our Responsibility To You

  • To provide you with an honest, written evaluation of the cost of your move, based on an in-house survey performed by a professional Moving Consultant who will assist you in planning your move and will explain the full range of services offered by us.
  • To provide fully trained uniformed crews to perform all packing, unpacking and moving services, as required. Our long-distance drivers have all completed an intensive training program with special emphasis on loading/unloading both vans and containers to ensure the safety and protection of your household goods.
  • To ensure that all standard furniture items (beds, dresser mirrors, table legs & bases) are properly disassembled and reassembled (as required) and that all wrapping is preformed in your home prior to loading onto our vans, using only clean quilted moving pads and blankets. We can provide 3rd party services for disassembly of non-standard furniture pieces that require special tools.
  • To provide plastic covers for all upholstered items for added protection during transport and/or storage.
  • To provide only top-security storage facilities, as required, to safe-guard your goods during storage-in-transit. Our warehouse facility has an on-site 24-hour security person, is government-approved, bonded, and fire-proof. We offer vaulted, palletized or open storage, depending on your requirements and length of storage period. You are welcome to visit our warehouse for a tour of our facilities.
  • Only quality materials are used for packing and/or crating of your goods, with special materials (bubblewrap, tissue paper, corrugated paper, etc.) available for fragile items.
  • To provide you with information concerning the status of your move at all times through our in-house Moving Co-Ordinators and Operations & Customer Service Team. We will also appoint an agent at destination to assist you with any "after-moving" services you may require.
  • To ensure that you are provided with all pertinent documentation for your move (inventory listings, packing slips, bill of lading, customs documents, etc.).
  • To do everything we can to provide you with THE PERFECT MOVE!

Customer Responsibilities

  • To present an accurate representation to your Moving Consultant of all items to be moved as well as items that will require packing. Our Consultants can only quote a price based on the items you have indicated will be moved, and the services you agree to contract.
  • To understand that your Moving Consultant is an experienced professional and will advise you of your rights and resonsibilities concerning your move. Recommendations by your Moving Consultant regarding special packing, handling or crating of certain fragile items are in your best interest.
  • To prepare your goods for moving, ensuring that all appliances are clean and ready to go (disconnection/reconnection can be arranged through us, a third-party service-person, or can be performed by you prior to moving day).
  • To remove any items that are permanently affixed to the walls/ceilings (fans, rods, fixtures, brackets, etc.), and to disconnect any mechanical or electrical items that are to be moved. We can, however, supply plumbers, electricians, etc. to perform these tasks at local rates.
  • To remove or clearly mark any items that are NOT TO BE MOVED, and to clearly mark all cartons (packed by you) as to the general contents (dishes, linens, toys, books, etc.) and the designated area/room to be placed in at destination.
  • To understand that all our employees (Consultants, in-house Customer Service Agents, Dispatchers, etc.) are professionals and experienced in their particular field and are available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.