Moving Plants

You Can Take It With You!
We realize that a lot of tender loving care has gone into making your houseplants a part of the family. When moving time comes, we know that you'll want to give them every special attention they require to ensure their successful relocation.

If you're moving between major Canadian cities, we can arrange a complete houseplant moving service. You houseplants will be packed for you by our professionals in cartons specially designed with inserts and board separation to give your plants maximum protection, then moved in temperature controlled containers.

If our Plant Moving Service is not available between your points of origin and destination, we recommend your family car as the safest way of moving your houseplants. In this way you will have more control over their environment.

Most plants are prone to shock, however, when they are placed in an environment different from the one they are used to. Shock can be minimized by creating a comfortable "micro environment" for the plants to weather the trip.

Plant specialists will advise you to move in cool-to-cold weather, since it is easier to insulate plants from cold than to cool them off and protect them from heat, windburn and sunburn. Be safe, though, and consult your local florist, plant specialist or a reputable plant book for the recommended procedures according to type and size of your plants.

Moving to foreign countries often requires special attention or care for your plants. Your Moving Consultant can advise you of any special requirements or restrictions.