Kids Games

Give a child an empty cardboard carton and watch their imagination soar. To most adults a box is some debris left over after a move has finished. Give it to a child and it can become a truck, plane, boat, fort etc. Their imagination is their only limitation. However make sure to check that the box is really empty and the main seam on the carton is glued and not fastened with sharp staples.

On the packing day kids can be present. The packers can make a tunnel out of boxes or give them some clean newsprint to colour on. Ask your Consultant for some colouring books.

On moving day it is best if no children are present unless someone is able to give them constant supervision. This is a very busy day and you will not be able to supervise them. The driver will give your kids a tour of the tractor and trailer before loading starts and as long as he can do so safely.

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