Inventory Guide

The inventory is one of the most important sets of documents that you will receive when you are moving Long distance, Overseas, and storing your goods. This is your receipt for the goods that we have of yours.

We use three different inventories at present, (I.C.C NO, MC 67234 Household goods descriptive inventory) for the U.S.A., the (Inventory of articles shipped) for Canada, storage, and overseas, and the electronic scanned inventory of household goods. The inventories are not used on local moves as the time frame of the move is insufficient to warrant the making of inventories, and the goods are never out of site of yourself or our employees for an excessive amount of time.


We will make out a detailed inventory of your goods including the condition of the goods. We do not mind if you follow us and make sure that the inventory is correct to your satisfaction and all of the goods have been inventoried. When your goods are delivered back to you, you can use the inventory to check off each item as it is returned to you. We can supply you with a check off sheet (Bingo Sheet) to help you check your goods into the new residence. When you are satisfied that you have received everything and all your notations are made than you sign the receipt for goods.

Condition Codes

We use an abbreviated code to describe the condition of your goods. There are currently two codes that we used and are dependent on your destination/origin. Should you have reason to claim this inventory will aid you. Even if some later disaster befalls you, these inventories can be used by you when making an insurance claim.

Descriptive Symbols  Exception Symbols  Location Symbols  

B/W Black & White TV 

c Color TV 

PBO Packed By Owner 

CP Packed By Carrier 

DBO Disassembled By Owner 

PB Professional Books 

PE Professional Equipment 

PP Professional Papers 

MCU Mechanical  

Condition Unknown

BE Bent 

BR Broken 

G Gouged 

L Loose 

M Marred 

MI Mildewed 

MO Moth-eaten 

R Rubbed 

SC Scratched 

SH Short 

SO Soiled 

T Torn 

W Badly Worn 

Z Cracked 

1 Arm 

2 Bottom 

3 Corner 

4 Front 

5 Left 

6 Legs 

7 Rear 

8 Right 

9 Side 

10 Top 

11 Veneer 

12 Edge 

13 Center 

14 Inside

Origin & Destinations other than USA

Damage Locations Damage Symbols   RoomLocation  

A Arm 

A/O All Over 

B Back 

C Corner 

D Door 

E Edge 

F Front 

G Glass 

IN Inside 

K Knob 

L Leg 

LT Left 

P Paint/Finish 

R Rear 

S Side 

TP Top 

V Veneer 

1 Broken  
2 Burned  
3 Chipped  
4 Condition Unknown  
5 Contents Unknown  
6 Cracked  
7 Dented  
8 Faded  
9 Gouged  
10 Loose  
11 No Obvious Damage  
12 Mechnical Condition Unknown  
13 Missing  
14 Rusted  
15 Normal Wear  
16 Owner's Risk  
17 Not Serviced  
18 Padded & Wrapped  
19 Rubbed  
20 Scratched  
21 Soiled  
22 Torn  
23 Worn  
24 Lifting  
25 Crushed  
26 Split  
27 Bent  
28 Cut  
29 Flat  
30 Hole  
31 Punctured  
32 Pitted  
PBO Packed By Owner  
PBM Packed By Member

BST Basement 

BTH Bathroom 

MBR Master Bedroom 

B2 Bedroom 2nd 

B3 Bedroom 3rd 

D Den 

DR Dining Room 

FR Family Room 

G Garage 

H Hall 

K Kitchen 

LDR Laundry Room 

LR Living Room 

OFC Office 

P Patio 

SS Storage Shed 

WS Workshop