High Value Delicate Shipments

From dinosaurs to antique cars, art objects to satellites destined for outer space, our service covers the full spectrum of modern transportation. Our experienced, professional crews are accustomed to caring for extremely valuable and delicate items, including medical, dental and laboratory equipment, as well as scientific and industrial products.

The dawn of the computer age meant changes for many people, including moving professionals. A new mode of transportation was urgently needed to serve the special requirements of computer manufacturers and users. We quickly recognized that ordinary vans and handling techniques weren't adequate for safely transporting delicate electronic components and other items of extraordinary value. Drawing on years of experience in moving fine furnishings and priceless works of art, we developed a new standard of service involving specialized equipment, handling methods and dispatching procedures.

A good move begins with good people...

...and when you are moving highly sensitive equipment, you want top quality people. You can be assured that when you call us, you're getting the best. Not only will our van operators know all there is to know about moving techniques and the proper use of equipment, they will also have a full understanding of the structural details of the delicate equipment for which they are responsible. And they are especially alert for the instruction manuals and connecting cables that are such vital elements in computer shipments.

The van that transports your shipment is the finest vehicle of its kind--the result of years of practical experience, innovation and experimentation. The air-ride suspension reduces road shock and vibration by as much as 75% compared with conventional spring suspensions. We've stretched the doors in order to handle even the biggest, bulkiest items with ease. Plus, each van is equipped with horizontal and vertical cargo control tracks, so that every load can be locked in tight, with no danger of swaying or shifting. And of course, every van carries a full complement of specialized handling equipment, including an oversupply of "Sanitized" soft pads. We've got what it takes to take care of your shipment.