Cher Monsieur

Nous souhaitons vous dire combien nous avons été satisfaits par le service de Meldrum lors de notre déménagement qui a eu lieu la semaine dernière. La qualité du service était excellente. Votre personnel était compétant, particulièrement aimable, attentif, ponctuel et serviable.

Nous avons aussi apprécié votre promptitude et votre diligence pour proposer des solutions en toutes circonstances et votre grande disponibilité pour répondre a nos nombreuses questions tout au long des préparatifs autant que pendant tout le déménagement.

Nous n'avons à déplorer aucun bris ni aucune perte à ce jour. Nous avons déjà recommandé chaudement Meldrum à nos connaissances qui déménagent prochainement.

Merci encore pour votre service.
Très cordialement.
F. Portafaix

Cher M. Delanty

J'ai utilisé les services de Meldrum pour mon demenagement, il y a quelques jours. Je n'ai que des felicitations pour l'excellent service que j'ai recu. L'equipe a ete super efficace, attentionnee et aimable. Cette journee aurait pu etre un cauchemar mais, au contraire, elle a ete agreable et sans probleme. Merci a Patrick Moussier et a son equipe professionnelle. Je recommande Meldrum a tous!

Lise Isabelle Pelland

Dear Patrick (of Meldrum)

Just a short note to let you know we were very pleased with the way you handled our move. Your professionalism and attention to details assured us that we could entrust our household goods to you.

We also have to say your crew were wonderful. They are hardworking, courteous, and handled our furniture with great care.

Patrick, you deserve a hearty ''well done''! We will not hesitate to refer our friends and family to you.

Connie & Joe Casuanelli

Dear Luc (of Meldrum)

Just a little note to thank you for all your co-operation in moving my mother from Montreal to Cornwall. The move went smoothly!! Thank you also for the patience and kindness. It was a pleasure dealing with you!

I would also like to thank Sebastien, Claudio and Mathieu who were extremely efficient and very well organised. They were also very pleasant and kind.

You all made this move very easy and pleasant!!

Sandra Hunter & Anita Mousseau

Dear Paul (of Meldrum)

Thank you very much for your help and guidance for our move. Always nice to deal with a friend and a pro!

Your team was great and attentive to our needs. We are settled in and all the family is thrilled with this new chapter........

Philippe Castonguay

Hi Josh

I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the service of one of your team members, namely Patrick Moussier.

We made an appointment for him to come over to provide a quote for the shipping of various pieces of furniture, paintings and other belongings to two separate destinations in the Maritimes. He was on time, courteous and helpful. He also answered all questions that I had regarding the process, including several times over the phone in the days that followed

Bob Mann

Patrick (of Meldrum),

We want to let you know that the move of our household goods went very well. Not all the boxes are unpacked but those that we have unpacked have been well done and we have not noticed any damage. As you may remember we have had many international relocation's due to my employmant and we have to rate this as probably the best yet!

Thanks to you and the team at Meldrum!

Ralph Cahalane

Dear Tom and Josh (of Meldrum),

Thanks to you and your crews, the easiest part of our recent move was the move itself! Our dealings with Meldrum have been professional, competent and surprisingly relaxing! We feel comfortable recommending Meldrum to anyone who asks.

In particular we would like to commend your crews. The bearded brother, Josh and Travis, packed competently and swiftly. Though they might have used way too much paper, we were very impressed with their work. And we have mutual acquaintances!

The moving crew of Ian, Eric, Sean and Will were equally great! They did not have an easy job, but did it professionally and with humour. The only casualty was a bottle of balsamic vinegar (that I packed) which turned the van into a salad bar scented vehicle.

You obviously hire carefully and treat your employees with respect. These things translate to good service for the clientele, or as Eric kept calling us, ''the customers''. Just keep doing whatever you are doing!

Audrey and Mark Berner

6645 Sherbrooke St. West, Montreal, Quebec, H4B 1N4