Van Line Driver

The Long Distance foundation of a Moving Company. The van foreman or driver or trucker, no matter what you call this person one name is not enough. These people are not born; they are highly trained specialists who, over their many years of service and training have attained the trust and respect of all the people they work with and most importantly their clients.

This is the person who is going to meet you at one of the most stressful time of your life; "Moving Day" He is the guy that is going to make the effort to visit you or phone you the day before so you can sleep knowing that someone has remembered that you are moving. He's the person that's going to show up at your residence on time. When you talk to him, he listens and will answer all questions and concerns with a knowledge of moving that seems endless. Have you ever heard the air horn on a large truck? If you have kids you probably will because this guy realizes the problems kids can have during a move and will try and help them over these problems with a tour of the truck and letting them get involved if they wish. This is the last person you will see at your old home and the first one you will see at the new home, your bridge between the old and new, your personal travel consultant, your ambassador to the new neighborhood who will introduce you to your neighbors. Your own interior decorator who has set up more rooms than anyone can count, Your own telephone answering service who seems to be able to load your life onto a truck and have the time to take phone messages and talk to your friends etc. while you are doing last minute running around. Clients remember this short friendship. After the move has turned into ancient history, everyone is forgotten except for the name of the Moving Company and the guy who for a short time became a trusted friend The Van Foreman from Meldrum.

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