Domestic Container Service

If you're moving within Canada, we can offer you the choice of moving by our conventional van service, or by Domestic Container Service.

Before you determine which service will suit you best, your moving needs must be identified. Moving by container provides some unique benefits over moving by standard van. Discussion with your Moving Consultant and a clear understanding of container service will help you make an informed decision that meets your personal needs.

The United Container Service

In 1974, United Van Lines was the first van line in Canada to introduce a national container service. Today, with 1,400 containers traveling Canadian highways and more than 50 container depots and storage sites to serve you. United has proven the success of an innovative idea. Our container system represents an INVESTMENT of over 10 million dollars by Member companies of United Van Lines. Our commitment to the concept of containers service for over 20 years has made us the leader in domestic container moving.

At United, over 20 years of container experience go into every container we build. We are the only van line to design and assemble containers at our own facility in Bolton, Ontario. In addition to building new containers, we refurbish existing containers on a fixed maintenance schedule. When complete our containers are Sanitized, another United exclusive, and outfitted with all the proper equipment to provide the finest moving service.

Why choose Domestic Container Service?

Complete Security

Through our Exclusive Use program, your household effects are loaded into your private container and locked with your personal seal. A container is best visualized by dividing a moving van into compartments. A United container represents your own personal moving vault, fully secured and loaded by trained professionals. It is comforting to know that your valued possessions are being kept separate from other shipments in your own sanitized container.

Flexible Delivery

Whether you need expedited or delayed delivery, the flexibility of containers can provide it. Using our transit time schedules, you can choose the delivery that suits you best. Container flexibility can handle most situations. However, when you require short term storage, containers can be stored on a low cost basis route.

Extended Storage-In-Transit

Having your belongings in a domestic container provides you with a traveling warehouse which can be efficiently handled and stored at any of our coast-to-coast depots at reduced daily demurrage rates.

Less Furniture Handling

Once your household goods are professionally loaded, wrapped in soft "Sanitized" furniture pads, they are not disturbed until the day you move into your new residence.

Reduced Damage

Long years of experience and thousands of shipments have proven that damage to furniture being moved is caused by handling. Reduced handling reduces damage.

On Time Loading

No other person's shipment can interfere with your loading date and time.

Reduced Transit Time

Using containers means there is no need to "fill out" a furniture van. The same day loading of a number of containers at different locations and their delivery to our central depot for transfer to our Highway Units assures you there is no delay in transit.

Computer Control

Every United container is logged into our computer system. When that container is assigned your shipment, we use the computer control to track its schedule to meet your requirements.

Cartainer Service

United's Container Moving System is comprised of both the container units and a specially constructed unit that safely transports your car. The car transportation service is called Cartainer Service, exclusive to United Van Lines.

Making your decision

Our financial INVESTMENT and dedication to the concept of container service for over 20 years has made us the leader in container moving systems. We have more containers, depots, and services available than any other van line in Canada. Weather you choose van or container service, our ongoing commitment to Customer needs and satisfaction ensures a successful relocation.

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