Making A Claim

All movers are faced with occasional damage and/or loss claims despite their efforts to supply high quality service. You the client must request the claim form. Use the online form on the left. Now, before you move is the time to think of "Transit Protection" in case you have a claim. You can discuss with your Moving Consultant which type of "Transit Protection" you require. We offer three basic types of Transit Protection:

Released: This method might be right for you but remember that if something is damaged you could suffer financial loss. An example would be if a television was damaged, you could only receive 5 or 10 dollars, depending on the weight of the television. We will repair/replace up to the released rate of the item.

Depreciated: Depreciated value is what you have for car insurance. You will get the value of your car at the time the car was accidented not a new car. We will repair/replace up to the depreciated value of the item.

Full replacement value: Means exactly what it is. You will receive the full value to replace the damaged item up to amount of protection you purchased. We will repair/replace up to the value of the item.

Time is of the essence when you are submitting a claim. Do it as soon as possible after your move. Items that are missing are often just misplaced in the residence and a quick call will often bring a quick response telling you where to look. Claims that are submitted too long after a move may be past the time limit and the mover will not consider the claim. If you have trouble filling out a claim form, call and ask for help.

How long does it take to settle a claim? Most claims are settled within 30 days of the documentation being received from you.